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How Shipping Containers Benefit Your Business

Any kind of company, regardless of its size or scope of business, can benefit by using shipping containers for on-site storage or moving valuable items. Shipping containers are known for their durability and resistance to abuse and the elements, such as harsh weather. Finding shipping containers for sale is easy too. Even if you run a small business, you can find affordable container storage to meet just about any need.


A shipping container for business can be beneficial in many ways. Therefore, it can be a valuable, yet affordable, asset for your organization whether it’s for temporary storage or used as a more permanent fixture. Here are some benefits companies see every day from these versatile storage systems, which are designed to be:


Suited for a Range of Needs

The multi-purpose nature of commercial shipping containers means businesses can store anything from paper or digital files and documents to excess inventory, to tools, hardware, and equipment when they’re not needed at the office. There’s no limit as to the types of supplies you can stow away. Even seasonal inventory can be kept out of the way, so your business can function without the clutter and disruption.















Gone are the days when using storage containers for shipping was the only option. Today’s shipping containers may be used for a diverse array of applications, including storage of refrigerated items. Refrigeration systems can be integrated into containers. Some of these include the latest high-tech equipment, requiring minimal maintenance, and built-in electrical protection. They can store temperature-sensitive goods for an unlimited amount of time.



A shipping container gives you direct access to your storage on site. You don’t have to worry about a storage facility’s business hours or wonder where your inventory is. Units can be moved, added, and rearranged as you see fit, thanks to their convenient mobility. When your storage needs change, containers can be added and shipped out, as needed, while you can rearrange the contents in any way necessary, at any time.



More efficient use of time equals cost-savings for any business. With on-site storage, you save time by not having to travel between facilities. When you need machinery, documents, or materials, your storage site is on location, so the workday isn’t spent going back and forth to different places. Thus, man-hours and the cost of fuel, transportation, and maintenance are saved.



Storage containers are durable, as they’re built to be strong and sturdy. A sealed, locked container is fully protected against the elements and intentional damage by those who try to access your supplies without permission. Double locking doors with high-strength locks improve security. Since these containers are designed to be transported by land, truck, or sea, they can tolerate any kind of weather. You can store business supplies and inventory outdoors, and it will still be protected within solid steel walls.

















Cheaper than Off-Site Storage

Off-site storage units can be expensive. You might spend a fraction of the cost by investing in a commercial on-site storage container. It’s certainly cheaper than remodeling your facility, building an add-on, or purchasing additional property. Another perk is you don’t risk damaging supplies by stuffing them into a closet or basement, where they may be unprotected or in danger of falling.



Containers protect your company’s bottom line, potentially saving thousands of dollars in stolen goods and lost revenue. You can have stronger locks and doors added if these are deemed necessary. However, their inherent design is so strong it’s unlikely anyone will attempt to break into shipping containers. If it seems necessary, you can always place storage containers in clear view of your surveillance cameras and/or connect them to your alarm system.


Adaptable to Your Business

Whenever you need more storage, simply add more shipping containers to your site. They can be shipped in and set up very quickly. While you can retrieve items right outside the door, you can also have containers taken away if your business no longer needs them. Also, your options are wide open. Purchase a new unit, buy a used shipping container, or even lease one. You can get exactly what you need for your existing facility or an expanding business.


Available in Different Sizes

The standard size for a shipping container, per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is 8-feet, 6-inches.1 Container sizes from High Plains Holding Company include 20-foot and 40-foot containers that are resistant to wind and water entry. We offer units that are 8 feet wide and constructed of 14-gauge steel. If you need something larger than a standard-height unit, we also offer high cube storage containers.




















How to Buy a New Shipping Container Today


At High Plains Holding Company, we offer new and used shipping containers and other versatile storage products. We can help meet your immediate and long-term storage needs with some of the most durable, secure, and affordable options available on the market. Our sales team has sold thousands of containers and is prepared to help meet any storage requirement.


If you’re interested in our storage container products, submit your order details online to receive a free quote. For assistance or to learn more about our new or used shipping containers for sale, contact High Plains Holding Company at 888-826-4100 or email



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