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How to Maintain Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers can maintain their durability and versatility for decades. Proper upkeep is therefore critical. Whether you purchase Conex containers for midwest applications or any container for periodic or frequent use, stay on top of maintenance. While ISO containers are weather-tight and rugged, it’s important to maintain your shipping container for it to stay functional over the long run.

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These are some of the most important maintenance tips:

Protect the Roof

The roof of the container doesn’t provide support. Container roofs can be reinforced to support heavy loads but, otherwise, avoid storing heavy items or walking on its top or it can flex and weaken. Also, protect and maintain the roof of your shipping container by:

  • Removing standing water and ice, which can cause rust, leaks, and thinning metal.

  • Cleaning debris whenever it collects on top because it can cause dents and scratches.

  • Inspecting for dents, scratches, rust, and peeling paint after a storm or other event.

Wash Away Dirt and Rust

Shipping containers exposed to the elements may collect dirt and develop rust. A commercial wetting agent can clear away both, or you can use a mild bleach or anti-mildew product. Use a water hose and broom to clean the shipping container. If you notice larger rust spots, dents, holes, or other surface damage, contact a professional for repairs.

Maintain Caulking and Weather Stripping

Damaged caulking and weather stripping can cause problems such as air and moisture infiltration. This is especially a concern around doors. To avoid mildew growth due to moisture intrusion, make sure door seals are tight. Periodically check for peeling or cracked weather stripping and replace rubber seals on doors when worn or after about 10 years.

Lubricate Door Hinges

If not used much, the door hinges on shipping containers may seize up. This may take a few years to occur, but you can act much sooner by checking the grease fittings and other hinge components. Applying grease regularly can help the doors function normally without any problems.

Keep the Container Level

A container that’s not level may develop puddles underneath, which can contribute to corrosion. Leveling the container can avoid this and any issues with unbalanced doors. If you can’t find level ground, raise your containers on concrete blocks or railroad ties. Containers also tend to settle over time if placed over a soft surface. Leveling can help here too.

Maintain Climate Control Systems

Shipping containers modified with climate control systems require special care. Just like any HVAC system, these require regular maintenance, such as replacing air filters. Likewise, check the plumbing ports, drain lines, and electrical connections of your Conex containers to ensure they’re in working order.

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Get Your Shipping Containers from High Plains Holding Company, LLC

A well-maintained shipping container can meet all your storage needs. If you’re looking for 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot High Cube storage containers for sale, call 888-826-4100 or email Also, feel free to request a fast, accurate quote online by submitting your requirements.

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