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Renting vs. Buying: Why Buying a Shipping Container Is the Better Option

Many customers think about buying Conex containers for sale without weighing the option to rent. There are benefits to both options. Depending on your expectations, either one can provide the flexibility your business needs regarding functional shipping containers.

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Should I Rent or Buy a Shipping Container?

Ordering the right-sized container is often a challenge. It’s tempting to choose one that is larger than needed, or perhaps you’re stuck with a container smaller than what was intended. Either scenario can be difficult to navigate and be time- and cost-consuming.

A container rental can help if you are conducting a size reassessment. You can select a shipping container for rent to determine exactly what you need, avoiding a large purchase. If one size doesn’t work, you can reassess your needs and return one container in exchange for another, upsizing or downsizing your order.

Rentals let you evaluate a range of options. In fact, some companies will assist in figuring out just what you need before you select a permanent solution.

How to Decide Whether to Rent or Buy a Conex Container

If you choose a rental over buying Conex containers for sale, you can pick a new container after the rental period is over, or perhaps sooner, or even purchase the container you have been renting. The rental period can be considered a sort of trial period. You may consider a long-term rental to address the following scenarios:

  • You have a need for short-term storage space.

  • Your company is moving to a new facility.

  • There’s a temporary surplus in inventory.

  • Onsite storage is needed for a short-term project.

  • Your business isn’t ready for a large purchase.

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Why Buy a Shipping Container?

When you buy a container, you are free to do as you choose with it. That means you can modify it in any way you like. Container customization enables you to modify your storage space according to various needs, whether you want to add ventilation, heating, or cooling systems or new doors and windows. You never have to return it once the container is on site, saving time and hassle.

Purchasing also gives you additional cost management options. The cost of a container can be amortized over many years and, if you buy a used container, you can save even more.

If modification is on your wish list, you might want to buy a shipping container for sale. You can make any changes needed to support your storage and shipping operations. Other reasons include the acquisition of permanent long-term storage and having just a one-time fixed cost if you can afford it.

Order High-Quality Storage Containers Today

Whether you’re interested in new or used shipping containers, High Plains Holding Company, LLC can help. We’ve provided thousands of containers at below-industry prices. For more information on our 20-foot, 40-foot, and cubed containers, and additional resources, continue browsing our website. To get in touch, call 888-826-4100 or submit your request for a quote or information online.

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